How to Coach Your Child for Success


DO: Always compliment your child after each class (find something they did well). This is also a great time to give a hug or kiss (these are free and generous). High 5’s works great, too! Kids should immediately associate Martial Arts with a feeling of success and pride.


DON’T: Criticize your child during or immediately after class. Use the P/C/P (praise, correct, praise) principle and do so at a more appropriate time. Be careful not to upset your child. Even small criticisms can be devastating to small children.


DO: Watch as many classes as possible. Get involved, be your child’s #1 fan.


DON’T: Be a drop off parent (we miss you when you’re not here), and so does your child. It’s a known fact that kids who drop out of Martial Arts typically have parents who do not take the time to get involved.


DO: Tell your child how proud you are of them (anytime is a great time), especially before and after class. No one ever gets tired of hearing sincere compliments.


DON’T: Complain about traffic, your busy schedule, or your money in front of children. If they see you getting upset, they will begin to feel bad and end up having emotional scars.


DO: Get into a regular schedule as much as possible so children can mentally prepare for class early in the day. This will also help avoid scheduling challenges (a friend coming over, etc.). It is also a good idea to pack your child’s uniform and equipment the night before, so it is ready to go.


DON’T: Threaten to take Martial Arts away when they are misbehaving at home or at school. This is a recipe for disaster. Martial Arts is where we learn to behave better and to always try our best. Taking Martial Arts away to improve behavior just doesn’t make sense; talk to us…we will help.


DO: Take advantage of the teams and specialty classes that we offer. Involvement leads to commitment.


DO: Lead by example – eat healthy, drink water, have a positive attitude. Deal with challenges the same way you would like your child to. Our children learn to respond to a challenge by watching us.


DO: Give your child the thing they want more than anything in the world – YOUR TIME!                   

Get involved, earning a Black Belt is a team effort!



Very Involved Parent


Your child is a member of one of the most respected and recognized Martial Arts schools in the world. Since 2009, we have believed that all kids have the potential to become Champions in Life and the future leaders of tomorrow. We can virtually guarantee higher levels of success and achievement for your child, provided we always team up and never give up! Over 20 years of experience of teaching kids and building Life Champions has taught us that if we, as Martial Arts teachers, and you, as parents, agree to always team up and never give up, we can overcome any challenge we may encounter. This is why we consider you a VIP = Very Involved Parent.


Here are the three levels of a VIP


Level One – Be an active observer during your child’s classes. Follow the traditions and customs of the school. Help your child remember to respond with “Hello, Sir” or “Hello, Ma’am” and to bow to the instructors, as well as help your child remember and understand their student creeds.


Level Two – In addition to the items in Level One, you are willing to take on a more active role of being a practice partner at home. Acquiring target pads can be useful in creating the motivation for your child to practice at home. Also, review all of the material in their study guides. Your child will be more committed when they see you taking a vested interest in their progress.


Level Three – These are the parents that want to become actively involved in Martial Arts training and actually put on a uniform and begin training as well. Parents that also become students are finding they develop even closer bonds with their children and enjoy the benefits of training.


At any level, it is important to your child’s progress and growth to become an active VIP (Very Involved Parent), especially in the early stages of their journey to Black Belt. Thank you for going the extra mile for your child. You will see and enjoy noticeable improvements in their attitude, behavior, and character, now and in the future!

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