Fitness Kickboxing

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History: Master K's fitness training goes back all the way to Bally Total Fitness, the year 1999. He started working as a fitness trainer and cardio kickboxing instructor. He developed a fitness workout that combines strength, cardio, and kickboxing all in one. 

Class: Classes are group style, fun, and friendly (yes, we do crack jokes here and there). The workouts are a combination of weight training, cardio, and kickboxing. No machines are required at Fitness Factory. You use the bare basics of fitness training - lots of open space and yourself are all you need for a great workout. 

Intensity: Workouts are hard but attainable. Everyone goes at their own fitness level. Yes, Master K will also push your limits. Your start goal is to finish your first class. Your end goal is to understand how your body works and know how far you can push yourself. 

"I care only about one thing, results! Everything else is an excuse. - Master K."