Why join Fitness Factory

"When you join Fitness Factory Martial Arts, your not just joining a club, your joining a community. Your joining a support group of friends that will help you succeed. Your joining a martial arts family that will be there for you in good times and in bad. Your joining a family that builds memories that last a lifetime."  

"We as parents want what's best for our kids. Our job is to protest, educate, and instill the life skills so our kids will be prepared to go out to the real world. Most importantly, it is important for our kids to have a great circle of friends. Because your friends can make you or break you." - Master K. 


Our program is designed to promote education, social enrichment, physical and emotional growth. This program works hand in hand between the family and school, providing improved self-discipline and self-confidence. We have several different tools and reward systems in place to assist with this process.


Goal Setting: It is important for each student to learn to set short and long-term goals. The goal of every FFMA student is to achieve their BLACK BELT. The black belt symbolizes excellence in martial arts and is an effective tool for instructors and parents to develop desire, tenacity and the importance of fulfilling commitments. We teach our students the value of hard work and instill discipline to stay consistent with their progress. When students reach the black belt level, they will already possess these skills and come to an understanding that all goals in life are possible. 


Academic Standards: To be successful in our program as well as areas in the students personal and social life, all students are required to maintain good grades in school. We work with parents to ensure a well-balanced process is developed for each child. Parents have attributed our program with improved grades, self-confidence and self-respect.


Proper Use of Skills: It is constantly stressed to all students that martial arts skills are never abused or used offensively. They should only be used defensively. 

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